Providing Evidence-Based Solutions

Research Consultants operates an ethical policy concerning the services that are offered, work undertaken, and how such work is conducted. Ethical aspects of research and consultancy are essential in maintaining the highest standards of operation, ensuring that work conducted for our clients is above question or doubt. Our ethical policy is set out below. Download our ethical policy here:

Our researchers are trained to the highest ethical standards possible, including:
∙ Adherence to the Declaration of Helsinki.
∙ Principles of beneficence and non-maleficent working.
∙ Certification of human volunteers / participants training.

Our researchers would declare any conflict of interests they may have that could be of concern to clients. Security, anonymity and confidentiality are applied to all data collected by us in the course of our consultancy. We strictly observe the Data Protection Act. We have a green policy, and actively source materials and products that make a minimal environmental impact.



















Research Consultants: Ethical Policy

we support and offer reduced costs in our services to clients who take a responsible position on the following:

fair trade
labour rights
encouraging social enterprise
credit unions
community finance initiatives
recycling and sustainable waste management
renewable energy and energy efficiency
sustainable natural products and services, including timber and organic produce
the pursuit of ecological sustainability
the development of alternatives to animal experimentation
farming methods which promote animal welfare

we will not conduct business with any government, business, agency or organisation which is:

failing to uphold basic human rights within its realm of influence
linked to an oppressive regime which continues cause for concern
involved with the manufacture or transfer of armaments to oppressive regimes
involved with the manufacture of torture equipment or other equipment that is used in the violation of human rights
involved in irresponsible marketing practices in developing countries
involved in tobacco product manufacture
involved in animal testing of cosmetic or household products or ingredients
involved in intensive and cruel farming methods, for example, caged egg production or caged livestock production
involved in blood sports, which involve the use of animals or birds to catch, fight or kill each other
involved in the fur trade