Providing Evidence-Based Solutions

Research Consultants conducts effective and robust research, evaluations and surveys, coupled with precise statistical analysis to provide clients with decisive and clear answers. We conduct high quality research to provide clients with the answers they need - be they opinion surveys, commercial issues, health and safety, or medical & health outcomes.

We also provide research training to give clients the right information so that they can use new skills immediately and with confidence. We have expertise in psychological, behavioural, medical, healthcare, occupational health, and safety fields. The following pages provide more details about how our research and training can benefit your organisation and provide confident data and answers.


Recent Developments

Child Safety: Research Consultants recently sponsored a Child Safety publication for Primary School Pupils to be distributed to schools in Staffordshire. In "The Creature Crew Learn to Play Safe" readers are educated about stranger-danger and dealing with emergencies.

Behavioural Road Safety: Research Consultants completed a 20 month contract to develop a driver personality test for a major UK charity, to help workplaces identify drivers who may require additional driver safety training.















Staff Expertise

Ergonomists Physicians Psychologists Nurses Hygienists Radiographers Epidemiologists Statisticians Clinical Scientists Health Economists


Clients Include

Primary Care Trusts Government Departments Charities Hospitals Universities SMEs Business Organisations Media Companies


We Provide

Occupational Health Patient Satisfaction Surveys Stress Management / Awareness Health & Well-Being Survey Design Risk Assessments Work-Life Balance Noise Surveys Lung Function Testing Dust Surveys Opinion Surveys Focus Groups